Steven Harris, blog master, is the Director of Collections & Acquisitions Services for the University Libraries at the University of New Mexico. Also follow him at: @srharris19 and Collections 2.0.

Harriet Lightman, assistant blog master, has held a number of elected and appointed positions in ALCTS. She is the Head of Academic Liaison Services at the Northwestern University Library.

Robin Champieux is the Scholarly Communication Librarian at Oregon Health & Science University.  She holds several volunteer and elected positions within ALCTS.

Jill Emery is the collection development librarian at Portland State University. Find her on twitter @jillemery and tumblr

Tony Greiner is a reference librarian at Portland Community College in Oregon. He began his career at the research library of the Minnesota Historical Society, and worked many years in public libraries in Minnesota and Oregon. He is, with Bob Cooper, co-author of Analyzing Library Collection Use with Excel (ALA Editions, 2007), and several articles that have appeared in Library Journal, Public Libraries, and Collection Management. He has been active with the Oregon Library Association, and gives workshops on collection use analysis. Contact him at

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